Embrace Brokenness. Experience Blessings.


To bring spiritual healing and financial blessings to those who suffer from infertility and loss by supporting couples through faith-based studies and scholarships.



"Reproductive trauma {infertility and perinatal loss} occurs in up to 15% of women and is often associated with…grief, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These psychiatric symptoms themselves have also been associated with infertility and miscarriage.” –Infertility and Perinatal Loss: When the Bough Breaks pg.1

"The grief associated with infertility has been compared with the grief caused by the death of a child. But it is the child that was never born.” - The Psychological Component of Infertility pg. 341

"The fact that there is nothing tangible to represent the loss actually intensifies the pain and makes the loss more difficult to understand. There is much to cry about, and there is nothing to cry about. Everything is lost, and nothing is lost." -The Psychological Component of Infertility pg. 336

"Grief associated with infertility is like the process of grieving the death of a soldier who is missing in action as opposed to one who was killed. In both processes, there is nothing definite, and hoping enables people to avoid the pain.” -​ The Psychological Component of Infertility pg. 343