How we began…

In 2017, Mallory Wear was a participant of A Blessed Womb and instantly started a friendship with the leader, Ann Adams.  During this season, God independently revealed to Ann and Mallory they will one day serve together for His glory.

Across town, God was spiritually maturing Allyson Mouron through her journey and writing the same plans on her heart.

Supernaturally connected by divine appointments, Allyson, Ann and Mallory were woven together by their faith, common journeys, and passion for helping others.

We are grateful to God for our broken path, honored by our repurposed pain, and privileged to lead Blessed Brokenness.

Ann Adams, Co-founder and President,

As I invited God into the depths of my shattered heart, He began to rewrite my story. It was not until He had put all my broken pieces back together that I realized what was reconstructed was far more beautiful and unique than its original form. After an eight year journey of mountaintops and valleys, I stand on solid ground incredibly grateful for my three earthly children that represent my highs, but I am all the more humbled by the five heavenly babies that represent my lows. Once I was willing to embrace my brokenness so the Holy Spirit could melt me down and remove the impurities, a more pure and authentic relationship with Jesus emerged. It was then that I was able to truly experience His blessings. Jesus was all I needed.

Through the miscarriages and difficulties in marriage, God was present but I was not acknowledging Him. The grief inside me was all-consuming, but the world kept telling me, “It isn’t a big deal because it happens all the time.” I could not understand why something so “minor” hurt so much. So, I walked alone, in silence. Few people knew about my struggles and losses. That is when the darkness began to take over and the isolation began to breed dissension in every area of my life. It was in the deepest moment of despair that I finally acknowledged the other person in the room: Jesus. He had always been there. He had never left or forsaken me, just as He promised in His word. I just needed to open my spiritual eyes.

After seeking God’s face, my husband and I made a life altering decision to follow my calling to ministry and leave my profession as a nurse practitioner. Though much sacrifice was required, I was fueled by the grace of God and my supernatural love for couples on their infertility journey. God does not want us to walk alone in any season of life. I knew I was called to reveal to others, in the beginning of their journey, that it is not about what is happening, but Who is with them! I do not want anyone to walk it alone as I had done in my own struggles. I wanted everyone to know there is someone else in the room: Jesus!

God used my brokenness to redirect my path into the purpose He designed me around. While the mountaintops are beautiful, it is in the valleys of disruption where the true treasures are often found.

Allyson Mouron, Executive Director of Communications and Donor Development

Embrace Brokenness. Experience Trust. To Allyson, these are more than just words written on paper. She spent years broken as she and her husband Lewis tried to have a baby. Four years of visits to specialists, five rounds of IVF, three surgeries, and too many miscarriages to remember, Allyson found herself in the wilderness. Discouragement took root as her expectations did not align with God's timing. Worry replaced peace and contentment turned to complaining.

Allyson spent many nights begging God to give her what she wanted-- what she thought she needed. Without any medical help and through miracles only God could perform, Allyson got pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy and their gestational carrier had their baby girl. With two babies of her own, Allyson is able to see the wilderness was exactly the route she needed to travel. Her journey wasn't about a baby; instead, it was for God to reveal Himself for a much bigger purpose. She can see His miracles more clearly, feel His presence more intensely, worship Him more authentically and trust Him more sincerely.

Infertility is only part of her story. That season of weakness and pain taught her the joy of receiving His peace. She learned that brokenness may be her greatest strength, suffering must be embraced, and His plan is good, even when the path is hard.

Mallory Wear, Co-founder and Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development 

I had no idea our journey to start a family would include disappointment and heartbreak. After years of trying to get pregnant and then finally experiencing a successful fertility treatment, I found myself being rushed for emergency surgery. All my hopes and dreams crashed due to an ectopic pregnancy. I was isolated and, though physically on the mend, I was still emotionally broken. At this point I was divinely connected to a community of women through a small group called ​A Blessed Womb​. The teachings had a different approach. It was not just about filling my womb with a baby, but instead the lessons guided me on how to shine the light of Christ into my brokenness. I surrendered my plans and I began to seek the Lord with my whole heart. When I embraced my brokenness, I experienced His blessings through the work He was doing in my life.

When I started my journey of obedience and serving others for His glory, God began to reveal His plans for me. The Lord led me far beyond my comfort zone where I had to be fully dependent on Him. You see, it is easy to love God on the mountain tops, but we grow with God in the valley. In that valley, my heart still ached for the baby I never got to hold, but God was developing me spiritually to see all I really needed was Him.

Through this season of struggle and waiting, I am just as grateful to have carried my heavenly baby as I am for my precious miracle baby, Jack, who I get to kiss everyday. Thank you, Lord, for giving purpose to my pain.