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Roadmap 2021

Development of a Marriage Curriculum - $10,000+

Numerous participants have requested a marriage curriculum where both husbands and wives can attend together. This amount will give us the necessary resources to write and produce our new curriculum that will be called A Blessed Marriage Through Infertility. 

Virtual Platform for Small Groups - $5,000

As we expand beyond our local community, it is vital that we build our online platform for participants to access and archive their study materials, while also offering a reliable video conferencing platform to host the small groups. 

Scholarships For Fertility Treatments - $2,500

We have partnered with a fertility practice that has pioneered the Affordable IVF (AIVF) treatment option that reduces the total cost to $5000 per treatment cycle (one traditional IVF cycle typically costs between $15,000 - $30,000). Due to their generosity and willingness to match our contributions, $2500 provides a couple the needed financial support to pursue treatment.

Scholarships For Grief Counseling - $2,600

Many individuals require additional support from a professional due to the deep emotional trauma associated with infertility and loss. One Grief Scholarship provides a couple with the recommended 26 professional counseling sessions for $2,600. 


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